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Process of analysis and communication of emerging European creative scenes

Slash presents the Emerging Creative Cities, with particular attention to the aspects of design and visual communication, observing how these elements can prove effective levers to improve the quality of life of a City — especially in terms of social and cultural initiatives. The Project sets up an international dialogue between stylistic figures and different design approaches, attempting to recompose them. The "narrative voice" is not internal to the City but external and creative tendencies are observed and described through the perception of external observers. Therefore the intent was to enhance the work of these cities by showing how the emerging creativity traced in them is the forerunner of their rise, which will lead them to establish themselves among the greats of the scene.

Supervisor Fabio Guida

Slash inaugurates an innovative format destined to perpetuate itself over time, fueled by the variety of contents offered by the different realities involved and which trigger virtuous processes capable of renewing themselves over time. The horizon of the Project goes beyond the presentation of the individual city, makes the format replicable and directs it towards a wider audience. The thesis therefore deals with all the metaprojectual phases of Slash and the realization of the exhibition "WARS/ZAWA Comparisons and contrasts of a cutting-edge scene" — developed as a case study of an exhibition solution and outcome of the Torino Graphic Days vol.3.

Font GT America by Grilli Type, Nocturne Serif by Mateusz Machalski
Photography Erik Bovio, Mauro Murano, Lorenzo Ritorto, Francesco Zivoli
Print Legatoria Monti, Print Club TorinoTranslation Elena Bianca Malanga
Editorial Design Erik Bovio, Mauro Murano, Lorenzo Ritorto, Francesco Zivoli

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